Homemade Cavity Covers - fresh and delicious

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Homemade Cavity Covers - fresh and delicious

Post by boutjp97 on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:55 am

Someone on here recently was asking about cavity covers (I think). Anyway, if you own a dremel or rotozip tool all you need to do is make a paper or cardboard template of the cavity and cut it out of some plastic stock from the home improvement store. I bought a pvc plastic sheet from the Office Depot used for office chairs with wheels to slide on if you have a carpeted floor (a chair mat) and it is similar in look, feel and thickness to the stock used by Matsumoku. Just zip it out and then grind the edges and drill a couple holes marked with a grease pen. One tip, use some masking tape over the spot that you intend to drill and or cut to avoid cracking and only do a little at a time to avoid melting, if youre real daring you can even use a larger bit to counter sink your screws (I am not that handy so I did not). After I made a few (all for guitars I no longer own) I gave the remaining stock to my luthier and he made me one for a Gibson Epoch body I Frankensteined together with a Washburn neck. His cavity cover is pretty good (pictures if you want to see this exciting cavity cover) and he only charged me a few bucks but the edges are a little rough. I can only find the rubber chair mats on the office depot web site at this time but I did find plastic ones at ]www.chair-mats.com (US site). Hope this helps someone out there (probably not). All pretty much common knowledge but figured Id put it out there just in case. Kind of like instructions on boiling water.
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