switching a spectrum bass over to 5 string, neck replacement...

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switching a spectrum bass over to 5 string, neck replacement...

Post by stuyvo on Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:55 am

still thinking about my old ST bass with a broken neck; watched and waited on ebay and nothing... theres one on there now but after seeing the condition of the body and some pics of the neck i'm realy not intrested in taking the chance that its actualy decent (especialy at the price he wants).

what iv been thinking about for a while is slapping a P or J 5 string neck on it as I tend to favor 5 string basses heavily over my 4 stringers which just sit in the rack; but I love the ol westone and want to see some use out of it, i'd prefer to use the body and pass on some parts to other people to complete their ST's than having the body sulk in the corner.

What do you guys think? is there a forum ban comming my way? tongue I also found out someone threw out the broken neck for my ST which had the original black tuners/string retainer on it; so even if I found a good ST neck chances are it'd have the chrome hardware and i'd have to hunt for more black ones :@

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