1987-1988 Transition, possibly UK Spectrum Series II: Cheap!

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1987-1988 Transition, possibly UK Spectrum Series II: Cheap!

Post by Brainfertilizer on Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:58 pm


I've talked with Lou (the seller), and he's easy to work with.

I contacted him because I thought/hoped it was an '89 Challenger, but no luck.

The neckplate is stamped "87", but not "Matsumoku", so I think it was original Mats parts, but assembled in the UK.
Also, the only Westone pointy/superstrats with pickguards were either the Challenger or the UK Spectrum Series IIs, but the UK models didn't have this trem system (a non-locking 2-point Floyd Rose type).

It also has the 2-bar MMK-45 HB in the bridge, FWIW.

He says it stays in tune w/o any string locks, but he has an aftermarket he can add in for you.

Have at it!

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