How Do I Post Pictures Here?

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How Do I Post Pictures Here?

Post by Barry on Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:53 pm

Pictures are not stored here in the Forum.
They need to be hosted off-site then hyperlinked from within your post.

You have two options to do this:

EDIT Nov 2015:
Please use with Caution. Read THIS MESSAGE before deciding what to use.

1. Use the image hosting site sponsored by the providers of this Forum (
Click on the "Host An Image" button in the editor and follow the prompts:

If you simply want to link to a URL, select the "Insert Image" option:

2. Preferred Method: Use a free hosting site such as 
Simply copy the IMG code and paste it in your post.

Why do we "prefer" this method?
You have easier access to your pictures with additional options for editing tools and album creation, and more control. It's also simpler to post them in multiple locations. Generally, much easier to organize and manage your images.

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