Westone Thunder IIIa fretless in York UK

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Westone Thunder IIIa fretless in York UK

Post by drdjpower on Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:54 am

I halfheartedly tried to sell this for £300 on Basschat last year, it's just plain wrong that it is still in the attic not being played. Description and (I hope) pictures attached. I have bumped the Basschat thread, too. More pictures there, too.

Happy to consider offers beneath £300, or exchange for a decent electric guitar.

***** Original advert *****

FS: Westone Thunder IIIa fretless bass. Serial number 4073465, which dates it as July 1984 from the Matsumoku factory in Nagano, Japan. Bought second hand in 1986, but hardy used since. I didnít, and still donít, do it justice.

Condition is very good. Some small superficial scratches, more on the aluminium covers for the electronics on the back rather than the wood. I blame 1980s belt buckles. Everything works, including the big active circuitry for mad noises. Fingerboard shows some wear, very slight ďwarmthĒ (i.e. buzzing) around 3rd and 5th frets, and I think the action is fairly high Ė but all this is untouched for many years so would doubtless benefit from being set up carefully.

Price is £300 non-negotiable, collect only, from York. Please excuse this lack of flexibility, Iím not that desperate to get rid of it but right now the cash would be useful. If there are no takers then I hope Iíll eventually learn to play it properly, or maybe even get frets put on. It wonít be appearing on Ebay.


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Re: Westone Thunder IIIa fretless in York UK

Post by Chrislaffey on Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:32 pm

Is this still for sale?


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